Making Fantasies Real: The Selah Rain Story

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The first thing Selah Rain does when she joins Nicky Rebel in bed is to suck his balls and dick, making loud lip-smacking sounds. Selah is very orally-oriented and loves the taste of the man-meat. With a woman like Selah, you’ve got to build up your supply of nut-juice because she likes to see a big load of cum shoot out of cocks.

“I need sex at least once a day at a minimum,” said Selah. “It’s a must for me. I masturbate multiple times a day. I enjoy pleasing myself. My favorite toy is a Oui vibrator.

“I’m very open sexually so I enjoy a lot of fetishes. But most of all, being a Dominatrix is my favorite fetish. I have fulfilled all but two of my sex fantasies: I’d love to fuck Drake and Denzel Washington.”